The defeated Tory MP and his wife Helena will appear among their six children โ€“ Mary, Peter, Thomas, Anselm, Alfred and Sixtus โ€“ for the five-part Discovery+ documentary series Meet The Moggs.

The show is said to be a nod towards the hit US reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, although one source likened it more to the film The Addams Family.

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It comes after Rees-Mogg lost his Somerset North East and Hanham seat to Labourโ€™s Dan Norris by more than 5000 votes.

He is one of several key figures in the Conservatives to have been defeated in the General Election, alongside Penny Mordaunt, Grant Shapps and Liz Truss.

Filming for the show has been underway for โ€œa few monthsโ€, according to one source, and cameras were rolling as Rees-Mogg lost his seat on Thursday.

A source told The Sun: โ€œThey have been filming for a few months but no one expected the election to be announced.

โ€œIt was gold for the show, however, and gave a real insight into what family life is like for working MPs.โ€

The team working on the show are said to be โ€œsurprisedโ€ by the politician’s โ€œkindโ€ personality – after some had doubts about working with him due to his views on abortion and gay marriage.

The source said: โ€œThe crew are all so surprised by how much they love Jacob.โ€

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