The most notable news from our resident popstar BFF Taylor Swift (aside from her record-breaking Eras Tour movie, of course) is her most recent boyfriend update. Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were first linked after Travis tried to give the singer his phone number during one of her concerts this year. And after a few NFL games, getaway car rides, and restaurant takeovers later, it looks like this potential relationship isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s a timeline on everything we know about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship!

A Timeline Of Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Relationship

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September, 24 2023 – Taylor Swift Started Attending Kansas City Chiefs Games

Taylor Swift started attending Kansas City Chiefs games this year, seemingly after an indirect invite from Travis Kelce himself. When Taylor played her Eras Tour at Arrowhead Stadium (the Chiefs’ home stadium), Travis tried to give her a friendship with his number on it.

โ€œI was disappointed that she doesnโ€™t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings,โ€ Travis told his brother after Jason during an episode of their New Heights podcast. โ€œI was a little butt hurt I didnโ€™t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her.โ€

Considering Taylor Swift has now gone to a few Chiefs games โ€” and nearly broken the internet โ€” we’re pretty sure he’s not upset anymore!

On September 24, Taylor Swift watched the NFL game with Travis’ mom Donna. After the football game on September 24 โ€” in which Taylor sat with Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna, and created (another) pop culture phenomenon with a single photo โ€” not only did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leave the Arrowhead Stadium locker room together, but they also drove away in Travis’ convertible!

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October 1, 2023 – Taylor Brought Some Friends To Watch The Chiefs

On October 1, she was joined by all-star BFF’s Sabrina Carpenter, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner, and Hugh Jackman to watch the Chiefs play against the New York Jets. While Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift didn’t leave the stadium together after *this* game was over, the fact that Taylor was surrounded by so many of her friends feels like they’re there to support something special.

And we’d be remiss not to mention a few easter eggs while we’re at it! This feels so much like a callback to Taylor’s 1989 era, where she spent a ton of 2013-2015 hanging with her friends in the coolest NYC spots. Plus, the fact she’s wearing all black (and some edgy accessories on her shorts) while we all speculate on what she’s up to and who she’s dating, not too dissimilar from her Reputation era. ๐Ÿ‘€

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October 12, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift Makes A Good First Impression

We know Taylor always tries to make a good impression (hello “Mirrorball!”), but it turns out, she also makes a good impression without even trying.

The first time Taylor met Travis Kelce’s dad Ed, he noticed how genuine she was when she started helping around the suite. โ€œShe gets up to go get a drink or somethin,g and she starts picking up empty bottles, cans, plates that are scattered around,” he tells People. โ€œAnd I’m just thinking, ‘I don’t think she got the diva memo. She didn’t get the spoiled musician. She doesn’t know how to pull that off.’ And that really to me said a whole lot.โ€

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October 14, 2023 – Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Were On SNL

Yes, Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce were both on the October 14 episode of Saturday Night Live. The couple attended the SNL afterparty together and fans were very quick to spot how much the football player took care of the singer. He opened her door, made sure she was okay, and reportedly even told a bodyguard that he could step aside. When I first saw the images, they looked so much like a rom-com cover to me that I thought they were photoshopped!

Then on Sunday night, Travis and Taylor were seen in New York City again as they made their way into a restaurant (once again holding hands!). It might be important for Swifties to note that both of Taylor’s outfits are black, edgy, and very Reputation…I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve!

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October 19, 2023 Travis Apparently Plans To Visit Taylor On Her International Tour

ETreported that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are “all in” on this relationship, according to a source. They told the outlet that Travis intends to head to Buenos Aires, Argentina while he’s on a bye-week for the Kansas City Chiefs. We hope he’s able to give her those friendship bracelets this time! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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October 22, 2023 – Taylor Swift Is Improving Travis Kelce’s Game

After the 31-17 win on October 22, Kansas City Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid mentioned how much Taylor’s influencing Travis’ game during a press conference. He notes that Travis’ performance is only improving and that โ€œTaylor can stay around all she wants.โ€

Image via @chiara_ / Instagram

The October 22 game also appears to be the couple’s official hard launch. Mecole Hardman Jr.’s girlfriend Chariah Gordon posted a series of photos with Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce after the game โ€” including this one where Taylor’s kissing Travis on the cheek! Swoon!

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October 31, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Celebrate Halloween Together

On an episode of Jason Kelce’s New Heights podcast, Travis said he loves the idea of a dinner party on Halloween night. “Like a Halloween dinner party. Everybody comes in costumes and we have a party,” he says in the conversation.

But he also refuses to admit what costume he picked. “I’m gonna let mine be a surprise,” he says. “I’ll make sure everybody sees it, and we’ll talk about it after Halloween.”

They haven’t posted their costumes yet, but we can’t wait to see the final looks!

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship only continues to get deeper, especially since a source told ET Online that Taylor could be the one for Travis: “Everyone close to Travis loves that he is happy. He is on the path to finding that special person in Taylor.”

However, given the frenzy around Taylor, and the media coverage of their relationship in general, Travis’ family is also concerned for their safety. (And after hundreds of fans showed up uninvited to see Taylor attend a private wedding, we kind of are too, TBH).

“They’re so appreciative of their fans, but hope to keep some aspects of their relationship private going forward,” the source continues. “This level of stardom is something new to Travis, and although he can handle it, he is still getting used to it. Safety is a major concern among everyone, especially given how passionate fans feel about their relationship.”

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November 5, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift (Virtually) Celebrates Travis Kelce’s New Record

After the Kansas City Chiefs game on November 5, People posted on Instagram celebrating Travis Kelce’s new title as the KC Chiefs’ leading receiver with 10,941 receiving yards. Taylor Swift liked the post, and considering she’s very strategic and intentional about her Instagram activity, Swifites were very excited.

“Me giggling cuz TS liked this post,” one user commented. “Itโ€™s an interesting time for Taylor & Kelcem” another said. “They are both at supremely high career success points. What joy!”

On November 9, a source told US Weekly that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce โ€œactually spend a lot of one-on-one time together and have developed a very real connection,” plus the fact that “they have very detailed plans coming up on how to stay together while sheโ€™s on tour and he has games.โ€

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November 11, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Have Their Own Rom-Com Moment

On November 11, Taylor changed the lyrics of “Karma” from “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me” to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me” (a move that seemed somewhat spontaneous considering how surprised her backup dancers were!!). Travis reveals on the November 15 episode of his New Heights podcastthat he had a “little bit of a clue” she’d change the lyrics.

“Definitely when I heard it come out of her mouth, [it] still shocked me,” he says. “I was like…’Oh, she really just said that, alright.'” He was so shocked in fact, that he didn’t even realize Taylor’s dad was trying to high five him. “Mr. Swift, I apologize big guy,” he continues. “I never miss a high five too, big high five guy!”

And after the show, Taylor went straight up to Travis standing outside a tent and the coupleshared a kiss. It felt like it was straight out of a rom-com โ€” a popstar running up to a star football player and surprising him with a kiss. The crowds in person went wild, but the internet also can’t stop talking about it!

“This is sooooo adorable,” one X user said. “Her little run. His hands behind his back like heโ€™s waiting for his prom date or something. Ughhh theyโ€™re both in deep.”

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November 20, 2023 โ€” Travis Kelce Spills On His Relationship In WSJ Magazine

Travis Kelce once again breaks the internet with his WSJ Magazine cover story. He talks about football, his family, and (of course) Taylor Swift. โ€œIโ€™ve never been a man of words. Being around her, seeing how smart Taylor is, has been f*cking mind-blowing,” he says. โ€œObviously Iโ€™ve never dated anyone with that kind of aura about themโ€ฆ.But at the same time, Iโ€™m not running away from any of itโ€ฆ.Sheโ€™s just living, enjoying life. When she acts like that I better not be the one acting all strange.โ€

Even Mama Kelce had something to add! โ€œI can tell you this,โ€ she says in the interview. โ€œHeโ€™s happier than Iโ€™ve seen him in a long timeโ€ฆ. God bless him, he shot for the stars!โ€

Fans are also hoping to find out Taylor and Travis are spending Thanksgiving together. Via Page Six, Taylor will fly back from her Eras Tour in Rio de Janeiro to spend the holiday in the States before heading back for another show on November 24. And TMZ reports that the couple “plans to be together for the holidays,” which includes lining their schedules up to spend as much time together as they can.

Taylor celebrated another one of Travis’ milestones on Instagram, when she liked a post from the Kansas City Chiefs. “Fastest tight end to 11k receiving yards AND the only player in franchise history to do it,” the post says. According to a Daily Mail source, as soon as Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour wrapped up its 2023 dates, she’s moved into Travis’ private Kansas City mansion (which he reportedly bought for them to spend time together) for the duration of her break โ€” which includes her birthday and Christmas. Here’s hoping we see her at another KC Chiefs game soon!

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December 3, 2023 โ€” Taylor Shows Up To The Chiefs Game Looking Festive

Taylor Swift hung out in a box with Brittany Mahomes in Green Bay, Wisconsin during the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Green Bay Packers. Not only is Taylor Swift’s jacket KC Chiefs red, but it’s also totally Christmas appropriate! “Travis’ friends think this is the real deal for him,โ€ an insider told Peopleat the end of November. โ€œThey’re still a little shocked by all of it โ€” that he’s dating the Taylor Swift, but they’ve seen how down to earth she is with his friends and family.โ€

But before Taylor donned her Elmo-approved red coat, the couple was already in the Christmas spirit. They showed up to Miracle, a pop-up bar in Kansas City, on December 1, for the Chiefs’ holiday party. It appears they were wearing some festive sweatshirts (as well as Taylor’s signature red lip). Here’s hoping they also got to have some more chicken with seemingly ranch.

Photographs by Inez and Vinoodh for TIME

December 6, 2023 โ€” Taylor Talks Travis In Her TIME Person Of The Year Article

There’s been pleeeeeenty of speculation about when Taylor and Travis actually started dating. Was it that first Chiefs game? Were they just friends still? Was it before that game? While only the lovebirds know their true timeline, Taylor gave us a peek behind the curtain in her TIME MagazinePerson of the Year article.

According to Tay herself, the pair started hanging out immediately after Travis first mentioned her on his New Heights podcast. She said, โ€œWe started hanging out right after that. So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which Iโ€™m grateful for, because we got to get to know each other. By the time I went to that first game, we were a couple. I think some people think that they saw our first date at that game? We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date.โ€

Swift continued by explaining that she and Travis “show up for each other” and that they’re “just proud of each other.” BRB, sobbing.

On December 8, an insider told Life & Style Mag that Travis is planning something special for Taylor’s 34th birthday on December 13. โ€œTravis has something special planned,โ€ they say. โ€œHeโ€™s arranged a very intimate romantic dinner just for the two of them, and is also trying to pull off a semi-surprise party with the help of some of her closest friends.”

The insider also says Travis could use the evening to propose to Taylor, which we would *totally* be in favor of.

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December 10, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Share Some Swoon-Worthy PDA

After the KC Chiefs and Buffalo Bills game on Sunday December 10, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce went out with the team to celebrate. They wound up back at the Miracle pop-up bar, which is still just as (if not even more) festive than it was before! The evening was sure to lift Travis’ spirits after the Chiefs’ loss, and I, for one, need to make Taylor’s Christmapolitan drink ASAP.

Thanks to the Chiefs’ barber @patty_cuts, we also have a pic of Taylor and Travis embracing each other! If you ask me, this deserves to be a movie poster because I feel like we’re living in a real-life rom-com. And apparently, one of their friends agrees!

“We had an amazing time,” Chetarah Jackson (a friend of Travis’ who sat with Taylor in the suite at the game) tells Entertainment Tonight. “Taylor and Travis are so in love. It was so cute seeing them together and I can see them getting married.”

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December 17, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift Gets Cozy At The Chiefs x Patriots Game

Taylor Swift showed up to the KC Chiefs vs. New England Patriots game looking both comfy and cute in a Chiefs sweatshirt and beanie (and her iconic red lipstick, of course). In addition to Alana Haim and Brittany Mahomes, Taylor’s dad Scott Swift also showed up to the game, which ended up being a big deal because he wore KC Chiefs gear when he’s been a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan! ๐Ÿ‘€

Scott isn’t the only one having fun with the couple! Kaleigh Teller (Miles Teller’s wife and a good friend of Taylor Swift) recently liked a TikTok speculating Travis got Taylor a very special birthday present: the ring Taylor wore during her party. It appears to be an opal stone surrounded by blue topaz, and if that’s true, it has so much meaning because Travis’ birthstone is opal and Taylor’s is blue topaz! Thoughtful gifts are our absolute favorites…and it looks like they’re Travis’ too.

Travis also told PEOPLE that even though he has a game on Christmas Day (his brother Jason does too), the holiday “will be a fun one.”

“My brother sent me a text and said heโ€™s going to be celebrating afterwards,” Travis continues. He also confirmed that he’s planning on celebrating Christmas after the 25th too โ€” hopefully with Taylor!

According to Page Six, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will also spend the rest of the holidays together. Since Travis has games on both Christmas and New Yearโ€™s (against the Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals respectively) weโ€™re sure to see her cheering him on.

Photo via CBS Mornings

December 22, 2023 โ€” Patrick Mahomes Talks Taylor And Travis ๐Ÿ‘€

Patrick Mahomes hopped on CBS Morningsthis month, and gave *his* inside scoop on Taylor and Travis. While noting how comfortable Taylor is with “Chiefs Kingdom,” Patrick also took a moment to recognize her many achievements. He said, “He’s lucky enough to be with a great girl and a great woman, and it’s been cool to interact with her because she’s top tier of her professionโ€”and how she drives and she becomes that, it’s really cool to hear about and to see.” He followed up by saying, “I’m glad that she’s the person that she is, and that’s why I think her and Travis match so well.” So clearly, Tay gets the BFF stamp of approval!

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December 25, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift + Family Attend Chiefs v Raiders

Taylor and Santa…I mean Austin Swift hung out at Arrowhead alongside their mom and dad, Andrea and Scott. The family had some holiday fun with the Mahomes family and Papa Kelce, with Austin allegedly tossing snowballs to the fans below. Merry Swiftmas to us all!

Image via chrispearson20/Instagram

December 31, 2023 โ€” Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Share NYE Kiss

After a Chiefs win on Sunday, Taylor and Travis stepped out in style at a NYE party with their friends and family. Travis wore a Midnights-esque outfit, in head-to-toe brown courduroy โ€” come on, ’70s! Of course, Taylor made the whole place shimmer in a stunning silver sequin dress by Cleo Peppiatt, paired with celestial hair pins and her signature red lip…which was allegedly smudged later on in the night…๐Ÿ˜˜ We got a peek at one kiss in question on Instagram, originally posted by @krystenrachelle. It’s definitely giving, “I want your midnights!” ๐Ÿ˜

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January 21, 2024 โ€” Taylor Swift Hangs Out With Jason And Kylie Kelce

After months of attending Travis Kelce’s games, Taylor Swift was finally in the box at the same time as Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie, and this is a WAG friendship we are *totally* here for. Despite the media pitting them against each other, the two women were seen laughing and spending time together in the box, which really just leads me to wonder why we’re constantly obsessed with women not being friends? “Kylie is so great,” a source tells People. “Everybody loves her.”

The most-talked about moment from the game, however, can be chalked up to Jason Kelce, who jumped out of the box shirtless and started yelling at the top of his lungs. He’s since been called the KC Chiefs’ โ€œNo. 1 hype man,โ€been compared to Gabriela Montez, and gotten people’s hopes up for a very lively best man speech๐Ÿ˜‰. Someone also captured Taylor Swift’s reaction to Jason’s viral moment, and it’s just as funny as the moment itself!

Taylor isn’t the only one who knows how to be goofy โ€” Travis Kelce’s teammate Patrick Mahomes told People that despite the newfound media frenzy over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (and achieving his “dream” of being on SNL), Travis remains just as fun and down-to-earth as he always was. โ€œTravis has always been Travis,โ€ Patrick tells People. โ€œHe still will walk through the stadium and treat every single person like theyโ€™re his best friend. And heโ€™s going to be like that in the locker room every single day.โ€

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January 28 โ€” Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Celebrate A Chiefs Win…And Break The Internet

After the Kansas City Chiefs won against the Baltimore Ravens on January 28, they’re headed to the Super Bowl! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrated with a kiss on the field, and fans have been comparing their total rom-com moment to everyone from One Tree Hill‘s Lucas and Peyton toA Cinderella Story’s Austin and Sam.

But the biggest moment of the night was when, during their embrace, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce can be heard saying “I love you.” According a post-game video, Travis says, โ€œTay, I’m going to enjoy with the guys I love you…so much itโ€™s not even funny.โ€ And it appears Taylor responds with โ€œI love you too…Iโ€™ve never been so proud, EVER.โ€ Then they go in for a kiss and a bear hug. Swoon!

Jason Kelce later went on to add Taylor in with the rest of the family on the New Heights podcast: โ€œWe had the whole family down on the field. We had me, Mom, Dad, and Taylor. Everybody was down there.โ€ Stop it right now Jason!!!

In addition to a mockneck red sweater, Taylor was decked out in a gold friendship bracelet of their initials, as well as 87-themed jewelry to support her BF. I also find it *very* important info that Taylor Swift is a square nail gal (will this inspire my next manicure? Only time will tell).

When the Super Bowl takes place on February 11, Taylor Swift will have just wrapped up the Tokyo leg of the Eras Tour, but I’m convinced she’ll still show up to the game on her day off. This will be a huge moment because, despite being asked to perform multiple times, Taylor has never actually performed at the Super Bowl, so she’s never really had a reason to go. One popular fan theory is that this is due to Taylor Swift being a face of Diet Coke in the past (she really is just like us!), while the halftime show has historically had Pepsi as a sponsor.

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February 5, 2024 โ€” Travis Kelce Supports Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poet’s Department

After Taylor Swift announced The Tortured Poets Department at the 2024 Grammys, Travis Kelce showed support for the new album during a press conference โ€” and he’s just as excited about the new music as we are! “She’s unbelievable, she’s rewriting history books herself,” he says of her fourth Album of the Year win. “I told her I’ll have to hold up my end of the bargain and come home with some hardware too…It’s been fun to kind of gather the Swifties in the Chiefs’ kingdom and open them up to the football world and the sports world.”

“I have heard some of [Taylor Swift’s new album], yes, and it is unbelievable,” he continues. “I can’t wait for her to shake up the world when it finally drops.”

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February 18, 2024 โ€” Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are Expected To Make Their Red Carpet Debut

Considering both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce got People’s Choice Awards nominations (Taylor for Movie of the Year for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, Social Celebrity of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, and Pop Artist of the Year and Travis for Athlete of the Year), the ceremony is the perfect place for this couple to make their red carpet debut!

Until the awards show, the couple continues to enjoy their time together. A source tells People they’re “really happy” and “having a lot of fun, but they’re still seeing where it goes.”

So, what’s the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

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According to Taylor herself (via an interview with Time), the pair started seeing each other right after Travis “called her out” on his New Heights podcast in July.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship continues to get more serious. โ€œThey share a strong work ethic and have a huge appreciation for life and their careers, strong family bond and values,” the insider tells People.

An insider also shares that during Taylor’s break from the Eras Tour (during September and October), she enjoyed catching up with all of her friends and โ€œhad fun spending time with Travis.โ€œ We cannot get enough of this couple!

How old is Taylor Swift and how old is Travis Kelce?

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were born in 1989. Travis just turned 34 on October 5 and since Taylor Swift’s birthday is December 13, she’s 34 now, too! After Travis and Taylor left Arrowhead Stadium together, some Swifties noticed Travis was wearing a blue and white set, and wondered whether it served as a 1989 (Taylor’s Version) double release Easter egg.

Check back here for the latest update on Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce!

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